karrooRayven is a Tantra teacher with the Advait Tantra School.

Based in Cape Town, South Africa, his practice involves personal sessions, talks, workshops, courses and retreats supporting men, women and couples to express unique potential in daily life through presence, awareness and aliveness.

Facilitating embodied, experiencial opportunities using body-based counseling and sacred sexuality practices:

  Build vital life force energy

  Receive loving touch

  Explore boundaries

  Release energy blocks

  Integrate inner masculine and femine aspects

  Find inner power, strength and self-love

  Reveal unconscious beliefs and behaviours

Background in Conscious Sexuality

Rayven's background in conscious sexuality is partly personal experience with, and exploration of, his own sexuality. He has explored, theoretically and experientially, different expressions of sexuality and relationship in search of his own truth and authentic expression. From 2002, his personal work in this area was initiated in part by a series of courses called the Harlequin Experience facilitated by Christopher Neville. This provided a foundation for developing self-awareness and personal-power.

Being interested in working positively with sexuality and looking for a basis from which to do this, Rayven trained for two years in a counselling modality with Yehuda Tagar of Persephone Institute. This form of process work, based on Rudolph Steiner's Anthroposophical approach to personal development, integrates spiritual awareness, body consciousness, innate inner-wisdom and self-healing.

Rayven continues to delve into spiritual/shamanistic/esoteric/mystery traditions such as the Lojong Tibetan Buddhist, Mexican Toltec and Eastern Tantric teachings, developing inner-awareness and compassion.

In his association with the Advait Tantra School, under the experienced guidance of his colleague Dr Shakti Malan, Rayven has been facilitating awareness and conscious/sacred sexuality practices through talks, workshops, retreats, personal sessions and group work since the beginning of 2009.